IMb Reader


Version 1.0
Initial release!


IMb = Intelligent Mail Barcode - IMb is United States Post Office barcode used for mail processing. It is also known as 4 state barcode. IMb consists of 65 bars and it's capacity is up to 31 digits.

IMb Reader is Intelligent Mail Barcode reader/decoder for Android phone. IMb reader utilizes built-in camera to capture image and decode the barcode in human readable format. Once decoding has been successful, the result is displayed in parsed format: Barcode ID, Service Type ID, Mailer ID, Serial Number (sequence number), and zip code information. Parsing is adjustable for 6 or 9 digit Mailer ID.


IMb Reader usage is very simple. Using camera feature of the phone, the software continuously acquires and processes images. As soon as valid IMb barcode is detected, it is decoded and result is shown on the screen. It is important to note that the barcode must be within region of interest and scan line must be "touching" every bar of the barcode. Following screen shot presents proper use of the barcode reader:

As soon as barcode is detected it will be decoded. It is important to note that decoding speed depends heavily on phone type. Android phones range from 500MHz and up; the faster CPU the faster decoding; Following screen is shown after successful decoding:

Following screen shots present NON-READABLE situations:

Here, the scan line (red line through the middle of the screen) is NOT "touching" every bar due to barcode skew!

Here, the barcode is too small AND the scan line is not "touching" every bar of the barcode!

Here, there is "noise" in front of the barcode that is touching scan line (letters "JJBFG51"). When scanning barcode, there should be clear white space in front of the barcode!

Following options are presented when Menu button is pressed:

Selecting "settings" menu option presents user with option to change Mailer ID length:

Mailer ID setting is changed by clicking on the "Mailer ID Length" list item. The option toggles between 6 and 9 digits.

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