Call Log Extender


Version 1.9
Update: Sort report by date, call duration, call type, and name/number;

Version 1.9
Update: Missed calls can be included;
Bug Fix: Eliminate freeze up after phone goes into stand by mode and category was not choosen;

Version 1.7
Bug Fix: Eliminate OS freeze after phone call;

Version 1.6
Updates: Added option to export and email comma-separated values (CSV) file (import into Excel or similar);

Version 1.4
Updates: Added report sorting option, added page x of y to PDF reports, display incoming/outgoing call info on the screen;

Version 1.1
Bug fix: after phone call, Call Log Extender displays previous call (instead of latest call);

Version 1.0
Initial release!


Call Log Extender extends call log so that each call can be categorized. Using categorization, the user can generate/email PDF reports for specified time frame. Categories can be added/deleted based on the need. Using Call Log Extender settings, the user can configure the app to be launched every time a call ends. Missed calls are ignored!


When application starts Call Log Extender displays current call log based on report selection as shown in following image:

From this screen the user can assign categories by using the long-click feature of the Android OS. In addition the user has following menu options:

eMail PDF - generates and emails PDF report;
eMail CSV - generates and emails CSV (comma-separated values) report;
Report Type - let's user select report type: custom dates or pre selected by the month;
Help - loads this web page using built-in browser;
Edit Category - let's user edit call categories (add/delete/edit);
Settings - let's user edit settings;


Following settings are available:

Show after phone call - enable/disable application start after each phone call;
Start Date - start date used for custom date report;
End Date - end date used for custom date report;
Name - name of the user to be used on the report;
Company - name of the company to be used on the report;

Manage Categories

Following screen is used category management:

By clicking on any category (using long-click) the user can add, delete, or edit selected category. Call Log Extender comes with two categories (Personal and Business). Each category is described by name and description. The name field is used on all reports, while description field is used only as information on category management screen. The name field can be up to 20 characters long; description field can be 30 characters long;

Call Management

Following screen is shown (only if Show after phone call feature is enabled in settings) after each phone call:

By clicking on desired category, the phone call will be assigned selected category and the application will exit. This feature could be disabled through settings screen of the application.

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